The Baku Jewellery journey began in the famous Portobello Road Antiques Market, London 1971. Portobello Road, a small fruit and vegetable market in the 1800s, became one of the great trading centres of the world for antiques and objects d’art. Our first store at 80 Portobello Road specialised in antique beads from Africa and silver from Mexico.

Soon after Baku Jewellery established its first store on Oxford St Paddington, Sydney.

Our philosophy is to provide and create unique beautiful pieces of jewellery for all celebrations. Our styles will continue to evolve every year, but always staying true to our unique brand. 

Respect, honesty and great communication with our loyal customers is of paramount importance. 

Our future is dedicated to moving forward with a commitment to a bigger and greater vision for Baku Jewellery.